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The International Ocean-Colour Coordinating Group (IOCCG) was established in 1996 following a resolution endorsed by the Committee on Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS). The main objectives of the IOCCG are to develop consensus and synthesis at the world scale in the subject area of satellite ocean color.

The International Ocean Carbon Coordination Project is a communication and coordination service for the ocean carbon community
... is a project funded by ESA to produce a robust and reliable set of SST data by combining the best outputs from several independent SST missions. Its underlying objective is to prepare satellite-derived SST data in a form which facilitates timely assimilation into numerical ocean forecasting models.
  OceanColor Web
The Ocean Color Web is the designated archive (consolidated data access, information and services) for ocean color data from NASA missions.
... is a project granted by the European Commission within the GMES Programme (7th Framework Programme), whose objective is to define and implement a concerted and integrated pan-European capacity for Ocean Monitoring and Forecasting. The application areas it is aimed at are: Maritime Security, Oil Spill Prevention, Marine Resources Management, Climate Change, Seasonal Forecasting, Coastal Activities, and Monitoring Ice Sheet surveys, Water Quality and Pollution.



The European Service for Ocean Colour - GlobColour is an ESA Data User Element Project