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workshop GlobColour / Medspiration user consultation meeting

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Oslo workshop

GlobColour / Medspiration user consultation meeting

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ESRIN workshop

GlobColour / Medspiration user consultation meeting

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Villefranche-sur-mer workshop

GlobColour 1st user consultation meeting
Medspiration 4th user consultation meeting

Auditorium of the Citadel, Villefranche sur mer, France


Day 1. Monday, December 4, 2006

Day 2. Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Day 3. Wednesday, December 6, 2006

MONDAY, December 4, 2006

• Session 1 : Progress with the GlobColour Service

9h30 9h50 Simon Pinnock, ESA/ESRIN : GlobColour context and motivation
9h50 10h10 Odile Hembise, ACRI-st : overall project organisation and achievements after one year
10h10 10h30 Samantha Lavender, UoP : in situ database and sensor characterisation results
10h30 11h00 Break
11h00 11h20 David Antoine, LOV : trade-off analysis
11h20 11h40 Gilbert Barrot, ACRI-st : the GlobColour products
11h40 12h10 Ralf Quast, Brockman Consult : the GlobColour tools
12h10 14h00 Lunch Break

• Session 2 : Progress with the Medspiration Service

14h00 14h15 Olivier Arino, ESRIN : ESA's original vision for Medspiration
14h15 14h30 Ian Robinson, NOCS : Overview of Medspiration activities since June 2006
14h30 14h50 Jean-François Piollé, IFREMER : Report on Medspiration operations, data delivery, related issues
14h50 15h10 David Poulter, NOCS : Developments of the HR-DDS, and information about SST measurement quality and variability
15h10 15h25 Fabrice Collard, BOOST : New vehicles for transmitting Medspiration data (Google Earth)
15h25 15h50 Break
15h50 16h10 Edward Armstrong, JPL : Distribution of Medspiration products through the GDAC at JPL.
16h10 16h30 Craig Donlon, Met Office : Medspirations role within the international GHRSST-PP
16h30 16h50 Gary Corlett, Univ. Leicester : Improving the SSES inputs to AATSR L2P products
16h50 17h10 John Stark, Met Office : Progressing OSTIA into an operational phase

TUESDAY, December 5, 2006

• Session 3 : Applications of Medspiration products

9h00 9h20 Jacob Høyer, DMI, SST analyses in the northern seas
9h20 9h40 Jean Tournadre, IFREMER : SST analyses and their applications
9h40 10h00 Pierre Le Borgne, Météo-France, Use of L2P data in the MERSEA analyses
10h00 10h20 Jean Tournadre, IFREMER : Coastal cases making use of SST and chl satellite maps
10h20 10h40 Break

• Session 4 : Ocean Color Data merging

10h40 11h00 André Morel, LOV : Verifying the coherency of OC products before merging them and developing applications
11h00 11h20 Stéphane Maritorena, ICESS/UCSB : the GSM merging technique; previous achievements and application to GlobColour
11h20 11h40 Janet W Campbell, UNH : Assessing Errors when building Ocean Color Climate Data Records
11h40 12h00 Véronique Garon, LEGOS : Merging SeaWiFS and MODIS/Aqua ocean color data in the global ocean using weighted averaging and objective analysis
12h00 12h20 Frédéric Mlin, JRC : An optically-based technique for producing merged water leaving radiances; Validation and application for the Mediterranean basin
12h20 12h40 lunch break

• Session 5 : Parallel activities and applications

13h30 13h50 Robert Frouin, Scripps/UCSB : PAR algorithm applied to MERIS and other ocean colour sensors
13h50 14h10 Rosalia Santoleri, CNR : The colour of the Mediterranean Sea: global versus regional bio-optical algorithms evaluation and development of regional chlorohyll dataset in the framework of MERSEA
14h10 14h30 Cyril Moulin, LSCE : Determination of phytoplankton functional types (PFTs) from ocean colour
14h30 14h50 Samantha Lavender, UoP: Applications of the GlobColour PPS and FPS
14h50 15h10 Roberto Aloisi, AAS: Marcoast - Marine and coastal services
The presentation below will be given in the "TREGOUBOFF" room, at the Villefranche Observatory,
just before an aperitive is served
17h00 17h30 Pôle de comptitivit Mer: connection between workshop outcomes and present local, regional and national inititatives - open discussion
17h30   Welcome drink in the "Salle des filets" of the Villefranche Observatory
20h00   Dinner

WEDNESDAY, December 6, 2006

• Session 6 : GlobColour and Medspiration : Service developments in response to user requirements

9h00 9h20 Rosa Barciela, Met Office : Assimilating SST and Ocean colour into ocean forecasting models
9h20 9h40 Ken Casey, NOAA : Requirements for Medspiration inputs to the GHRSST Reanalysis project
9h40 10h00 Ian Robinson, NOCS : Towards establishing the Medspiration Service within the GMES Marine Core Services
10h00 10h30 Break
10h30 10h50 Odile Hembise, ACRI : Towards establishing the GlobColour Service within the GMES Marine Core Services
10h50 10h10 Craig Donlon, Met Office : Sustaining the Medspiration/Globcolor legacy into the next decade
11h10 11h30 Helge Rebhan, ESA/ESTEC : Sentinel 3
11h30 12h50 Olivier Arino, Simon Pinnock, ESA/ESRIN : Concluding remarks

Workshop closed


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