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Frequently Asked Questions

  What is GlobColour?
  How can I make a suggestion, or a feature request?
  What are your input data?
  What data can I get?
  How can I get data?
  I cannot read your data format



1. What is GlobColour ?
The GlobColour project has been initiated and funded by the ESA Data User Element Programme to develop a satellite based ocean color data service to support global carbon-cycle research and operational oceanography. GlobColour has started on November 15, 2005 ; Phase 2 of GlobColour has started on December 8, 2006 just after the successful completion of Phase 1 with the first GlobColour User workshop that was held in conjunction with Medspiration 4th User Consultation on December 4-6 2006, in Villefranche-sur-mer.

2. How can I make a suggestion, or a feature request?
We welcome any comments or feedback regarding this service. Please do not hesitate to contact us : service@globcolour.info

3. What are your input data?
MERIS, MODIS/AQUA, SeaWiFS, POLDER/PARASOL. In the current Full Product Set (v1.1) available to the scientific community, only MERIS, MODIS/AQUA, and SeaWiFS are used.

4. What data can I get ?
Since beginning 2008, you can get the full 10-year data set (1997-2007) of merged ocean color data (global coverage). A complete description of the GlobColour products can be found in the Product User Guide.

5. How can I get data?
The GlobColour data can be accessed via the Hermes data server.

6. I cannot read your data format
The GlobColour products format is fully described in the Product User Guide.
Specific tools are available here.
ESA GlobToolBox is available here.
Please contact service@globcolour.info should you have any difficulty reading our products.

The European Service for Ocean Colour - GlobColour is an ESA Data User Element Project