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Near Real Time Service

The Near Real Time (NRT) Service consists of daily Level-3 ocean color products matching the FPS in information content. The NRT service is based on the merging of MERIS and MODIS level-2 data over the whole globe.

Near real time products (NRT, at D+1) and consolidated near real time products (NRT, at D+3) are available as rolling archives on a dedicated ftp server or though the HERMES data portal (see below). Global products at 4.6 km resolution are available (GLOB_4KM) as well as several specific large regions of interest at different spatial resolutions (EURO_4KM, EURO_2KM, ...).

Distributed merged products are:

  • Chlorophyll-a, case I water (CHL1),
  • Chlorophyll-a, case II water (CHL2),
  • Total Suspended Matter (TSM),
  • Coloured dissolved and detrital organic materials (CDM),
  • Particulate back-scattering coefficient (bbp),
  • Diffuse attenuation coefficient (KD490),
  • Fully normalised water leaving radiances at 412, 443, 490, 510, 531, 550-565, 620, 665-670, 681 and 709 nm (Lxxx),
  • Relative excess of radiance at 555 nm (EL555),
  • Aerosol optical thickness over water (T865),
  • Cloud Fraction (CF).

All images and data available on this GlobColour website are for research and educational use only

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The NRT products are also accessible via a dedicated FTP service.

Use server, login globcolour_data, password fgh678 for log-in.
Goto directory GLOB_4KM then NRT

The ftp directory structure of the NRT products is described below:

/covered area and resolution (GLOB_4KM, EURO_2KM)



/products (L3b..., L3m...)

Note: the NRT archive is a 30-days rolling archive.

The European Service for Ocean Colour - GlobColour is an ESA Data User Element Project